One of the most popular tourist destinations in Central Europe is Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic, where health travelers will also find most of the country’s best clinics. Prague is not only a place with a high standard of health care, but also one of the most one of the safest destinations in the world. Over the past decade, several privately funded clinics have opened that cater mostly to international patients from Western Europe. Staff and physicians speak English and provide care based on western-style models. Clients who travel for medical care cite Prague as a favorite medical tourism destination.
Good transport connections allow medical tourists to easily visit – direct flights from Prague to almost all world destinations, sometimes several times a day.

The Czech Republic enjoys long-standing healthcare oversight and stringent requirements for physicians and surgeons. Medical care is strictly regulated by the government and by the Czech Medical Chamber.


Main Benefits for Cross-border HealthCare in Czech Republic are:
  • 1st class quality
  • Cost saving
  • Experienced specialists
  • Short waiting time
  • Individual treatment plan


Everyone needs a break and a rest from time to time. Dialysis patients are no exception and deserve a holiday and relaxation all the more when undergoing a demanding dialysis treatment. However, having to undergo dialysis treatments several times a week makes it difficult for patients to plan their holidays.
„Today’s connected world benefits any patient, and dialysis clients are no exception. We are close to the time when even a patient will be able to stick a finger on a map and say, this is where I want to spend my holiday, just like anyone else,“ says Marcela Němcová, founder of the HEDVEA group.

Don’t worry, we can help you with everything
Our expert staff will advise you, recommend locations and cities where suitable health centres are located, help you with your medical documentation and, above all, can arrange regular treatment or checkups at the best centres with the appropriate equipment and professional staff. The complex agenda of arranging care abroad for patients is handled by HEDVEA on the basis of contracts with insurance companies and individual centres.