What We Offer


Highest standard of customer care:
Medical Concierge – convenience, quick and easy access to our services
Complete Lab Services, cost efficient, comprehensive and clinical laboratory services
Medical Professionals, Qualified and certified physicians for quality medical care

Our HealthCare services provide you with a wide range of treatments, medical spa treatment and preparation of specially tailor-made packages. Providing a full range of treatments from preventive care to more complex procedures, operations and postoperative care. Services are available on the basis of a self-funded or through medical insurance. Our clients may be individual persons or company employees.
Our wellbeing services are tailor-made and are offered to individuals, families or on a company-level basis for employees. All wellbeing services are also supplemented with a range of complementary services from prevention, monitoring, treatment and aftercare. All HealthCare and Wellbeing services offered provide the to the highest standard, using the most innovative treatments, often reducing waiting times at very competitive prices.

Provision of tickets
Provision of transfer
Provision of accommodation
Tradition Czech healing procedures
Orthopedic Surgery
Dental Care (Implants, Crowns, etc.)
Spine Surgery (Scoliosis)
Eye surgery
Prevention exam & programs